What our undergraduates do after they graduate

Yu Ting Chen

Yu Ting Chen (Class of 2017) celebrates graduating with a King’s College London cupcake!

After graduating with a BSc in Global Health and Social Medicine in 2017, Yu Ting Chen is now a Research Assistant at the Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health, National University of Singapore. Having developed a keen research interest under the course’s ageing stream, her current research examines the role of community hospitals in rehabilitating and reintegrating older persons back into the community following acute care in Singapore. She is also part of a research team that is collaborating with the Ministry of Health to develop a standard set of criteria for patient discharge. At present, discharge decisions are made solely at the discretion of physicians, and poor judgements often result in re-admissions. It is therefore hoped that such criteria would standardise discharge decisions and reduce hospital re-admissions.


Heather Ewert

Heather Ewert (Class of 2017) in Gibraltar where she represented States of Guernsey Public Health Services and presented at the Inter Island Public Health Forum

Heather Ewert graduated with a first class degree in (BSc) Global Health and Social Medicine in 2017 and has since moved back to her home island of Guernsey. She currently works in Public Health Services as a Health Intelligence Practitioner with a focus on Programme Management. In her role she is responsible for the day to day leadership of Guernsey’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy, joint project lead on a joint strategic needs assessment for older people and has assisted in other workstreams such as the island-wide wellbeing survey and Public Health outcomes framework. Her role has seen her travel to the neighbouring island of Alderney as well as to Gibraltar to present at the Inter-Island Public Health Forum. Alongside her work Heather has continued her studies, working towards a Master’s in Public Health with the University of Edinburgh.


Esteban Benitez

Esteban Benitez (Class of 2018) is pictured receiving the Enactus UK Runner Up award in 2018, for KCL Enactus’s work in sustainable development and social entrepreneurship

At the moment, Esteban Guzman (Class of 2018) is coordinator of special Projects on an NGO called CODEIS that works in social entrepreneurship and innovation in Ecuador. Without the deeper understanding about public policy and public administration that he acquired during his time as a GHSM student, he would not be able to manage the type of projects that they require him to do. The focus on social determinants of health and health inequalities of his programme made him more aware of the different realities of people living in LMICs and helped him develop innovative solutions to health problems in such countries. In addition he is holding a couple of job offers in the public sector and for the mayor of Quito, Ecuador’s capital, to work in health promotion initiatives for the upcoming city’s administration.



katya and hannah

From left to right, Sabrina Fernandez, Linda Summers, Katya Baker (Class of 2017), Hannah Mohammad (Class of 2017), Alysia Montrose and Susan Chandler celebrate at the graduation ceremony in the Barbican

Katya Baker has held various roles in communications and research since graduating from King’s in 2017. Currently she is working as an Impact Assistant for the Research Excellence Framework, and has just finished a year as a Student Experience Officer for the departments of International Development and Global Health and Social Medicine. She is also a 1+3 student, funded by the Economic and Social Research Council, and her PhD is a continuation of her undergraduate work on online eating disordered communities. Drawing on feminist theory, sociological body theories, digital anthropology and employing ethnographic methods, Katya aims to understand how the internet can change the way eating disorders are experienced, perceived and treated.