What our Master’s students do after they graduate


James Aluri

James Aluri (Class of 2016), worked a Research Associate at the Presidential Commission for the Study on Bioethical Issues in 2015/16 upon completion of the MA, before returning to medical school at John Hopkins University . You can read more about James’ work at the Presidential Commission here. James is current a resident in the Johns Hopkins University Hospital Psychiatry Program.


Andrea Berkemeier

Andrea Berkemeier (Class of 2016), is serving as a consultant for the VHL Alliance (VHLA), the US nonprofit organization with whom she partnered for her Bioethics & Society’s research in reproductive counseling for young people diagnosed with VHL. In July 2017, Andrea is delighted to return to the University of Michigan (also her alma mater– BSE Biomedical Engineering, 2014) for medical school. You can read more about Andrea’s role at VHL alliance here.


Andrew Barnhart

Andrew Barnhart, (Class of 2016), recently obtained a position as an adjunct philosophy instructor at Frederick Community College in the United States. He will teach courses related to ethics and philosophy to incoming students. Previously, Andrew was a research assistant at SSHM working with Dr. Courtney Davis on a project involving an analysis of NICE’s assessment of anti-obesity and diabetes pharmaceuticals.

Frances Butcher, (Class of 2017), is a medical doctor currently in first year of the public health training programme at the University of Oxford. You can read more about Frances here.


Elizabeth Carlson

Elizabeth Carlson, (Class of 2016) , started her post-graduate career by recently becoming a policy analyst for the Provincial Government of Alberta through the Alberta Public Service Internship in Edmonton, Canada. In this position Elizabeth performs research for policy and programs in the Ministry of Seniors and Housing. Her bioethics education allows her to engage with her work on an interdisciplinary level; combining philosophical, sociological, and scientific points of view.

Amber Collingwood, (Class of 2017) is Project Manager of a five-year MRC funded Programme of Clinical Epilepsy Research at King’s College London, under the leadership of Professor Mark Richardson, Vice-Dean for the Division of Neuroscience. Amber studied Bioethics with us as a part-time student in 2014/15 and 2015/16. You can read more about Amber’s role here.

Rachel Davies (Bioethics & Society, 2018) has returned to a career in clinical medicine and is currently a core trainee in acute medicine, aiming to specialise in palliative care. Rachel is also considering pursuing a PhD in the future and getting involved teaching ethics to Med students.

Richard Gibson, (class of 2016) previously a Master’s student in Bioethics & Society , began a PhD this academic year at the University of Manchester. Many congratulations to Richard for being awarded a prestigious  University of Manchester School of Law Graduate Scholarship, where he is a Doctoral Candidate on the Bioethics and Medical Jurisprudence PhD course. Richard  is working on a project on the ethics and legalities of healthy limb amputation in cases of Body Integrity Identity Disorder under the supervision of Prof Søren Holm, Prof Margaret Brazier and Dr Alexandra Mullock.

Silvia with year 1 students.jpg

Richard Gibson (first from the right) graduated from the Bioethics & Society programme in January 2016. Here with (from left to right) Bioethics & Society alumni Elizabeth Carlson, Rose Mortimer, Dr Silvia Camporesi, Hanna Gouta and Andrew Barnhart.

The PhD is funded through the University of Manchester School Of Law Graduate Scholarship, and will focus on the ethical & legal evaluation of the practice of healthy limb amputation in cases of Body Integrity Identity Disorder, with a specific focus on the effect advancements in bionic and prosthetic technologies will have on such evaluations. Richard will be working with Prof Søren Holm, Prof Margaret Brazier and Dr Alexandra Mullock, and is housed within the Centre for Social Ethics and Policy.

Richard says about the Bioethics & Society programme : “I greatly enjoyed studying bioethics during my time at KCL, and know that the knowledge and skills which I gained from my time in London enabled me to be successful in my application to the University of Manchester. It was through the Bioethics & Society course that I was introduced to the topic of elective amputation; and was encouraged by the academic staff to take this interest further and examine the topic using an interdisciplinary approach. Overall, my experience at King’s most certainly gave me the skills, knowledge and experience I need to develop a career in bioethics!


Melissa W. Gaule

Melissa W. Gaule (Class of 2018), US alumna with a background in clinical ethics and patient advocacy, is currently working as a consultant for Science Policy Compass. You can read more about her role here.

Hanna Gouta, (Class of 2016), got a job as a junior analyst at Integrity after completion of the MA. Integrity is a service provider and a consultancy working for governments, international organisations in the aid and development sectors and global private companies. In this role Hanna is supporting the Services team with methodological design and research and analysis.

Louisa Howard

Louisa Howard

Louisa Howard (Class of 2018) graduated from the University of Virginia in 2014 as an Echols Scholar, majoring in Art History with a minor in Bioethics and completing all medical school prerequisites. Upon graduation, Louisa received a two-year Fellowship to perform research at the US National Institutes of Health in the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. Louisa began her Masters in Bioethics and Society in September 2016 sponsored by one of the prestigious King’s College London President scholarships. In August 2017 Louisa started her first year of medical school at George Washington University. As a physician, Louisa hopes to be actively involved in the realm of clinical and academic bioethics.

Edgar Rene Ruiz Lopez (Class of 2017) enjoying studying at GHSM so much that he decided to stick around a bit longer and is now a PhD student with us pursuing a project title “Understanding Exploitation and Commodification in the Context of Surrogate Motherhood in Mexico” under the supervision of Professor Bronwyn Parry and Dr Silvia Camporesi.


from left to right: Rashi Jhunjhunwala, Clare Heard, Lyndsie Aquilina, Yobi Livingstone, Melissa W. Gaule, Edgar Rene Ruiz Lopez, Frances Butcher and Rachel Davies


Shayda Kashef

Shayda Kashef (Class of 2017) studied part-time with us. During her PT studies Shayda was actively involved with King’s life as a student ambassador and as a blogger . She loved King’s so much she decided to stick around for a bit longer as as Student Support Officer. In this role Shayda is part of the Student Services team to enhance students experience at King’s. Shayda is also working as  research assistant for Dr Federica Lucivero, working on digital health.

Alex Meyer, (Class of 2016) is working at Ambry Genetics as a genetic counsellor (bioethics specialists). You can read more about Alex’s role at Ambry here.

Rose Mortimer, (Class of 2016), is the recipient of a prestigious Wellcome Trust studentship. She is currently PhD student at Oxford working on a project on early intervention in child psychiatry under the supervision of Prof Mike Parker and Prof Ilina Singh.

Rose says: “I have greatly enjoyed studying bioethics this year, and I feel that I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and skills which together enabled me to be successful in my application to Oxford. During my PhD interview, I was asked to discuss issues such as the connection between normative and empirical research in ethics, and in answering I drew from discussions we had had in class, referencing some papers that had been on our reading list this year. Overall, my experience at King’s has definitely prepared me well for what I hope will be a future career in Bioethics!

You can read more about Rose’s research here.

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Anna Pastukhova-Petrenko

Anna Pastukhova-Petrenko (Class of 2018) has been working as a science journalist for the last four years and she is a successful blogger as well. Since completing her masters degree, Anna has been a continuous contributor to numerous journals, magazines and online editions on the topics of biology and medicine. Some of her recent works have been published by Forbes Magazine and BBC as well as by some of the leading Russian media.Completing the MA in Bioethics and Society allowed Anna to add a new dimension to her analyses, supplemented by her two previous degrees is Physiology and Creative Writing.

Rich Wordsworth, (Class of 2016) works as a freelance journalist for Wired, Vice, Gizmodo, Kotaku and other online platforms. You can read some of his recent bioethics pieces here (on engineering babies), here (on black market in organs), and here (on using preimplantation genetic diagnosis to select for deafness). You can follow Rich on twitter @rjwordsworth and see his portfolio here: http://www.wired.co.uk/profile/rich-wordsworth/

emma_profile_pic_2019_4_Emma Maun, (classes of 2014 – 2016), spent five months working as a research intern at NatCen Social Research, learning about the longitudinal datasets she now uses in her research. Emma is currently continuing her studies at the Institute of Gerontology at King’s, as a PhD student, under the supervision of Dr. Laurie Corna and Professor Karen Glaser, and funded by the London Interdisciplinary Social Science Doctoral Training Partnership. Her PhD research investigates longitudinal associations between caregiving, sleep disturbance and health outcomes; a research interest she first started to explore during the MSc dissertation. You can find a recent publication here

If you are a GHSM alumn and would like to be listed here please contact Dr Silvia Camporesi: silvia.camporesi@kcl.ac.uk

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