Aanisah Khanzada on landing her dream role at Cancer Research UK

graduationI currently work with Cancer Research UK as an International Tobacco Control Intern. Working for CRUK has always been a dream of mine. I had previously applied for a policy internship with CRUK during my third year of university and I was surprised to have even made it through to the interview stage. Unfortunately, I was rejected and felt extremely demotivated and upset that I didn’t prepare well enough.

Fast forward to October 2018, I’d seen that the CRUK internships were open again, so I thought to reapply, even though a small voice in my head was telling me I would never make it to the interview stage if I was unsuccessful the first-time round. I was wrong. I had been invited to the interview a second time round. However, on the same day as my CRUK interview, I had two other interviews. I was overwhelmed by this because I’d never had three interviews in one day.

A week later I received an email from CRUK offering me the internship role and I could not believe it. I was extremely ecstatic that I had been successful. My role includes contributing to supporting the delivery of the Cancer Prevention Department’s International Tobacco Control Programme, that supports evidence-based tobacco control policy development in Low and Middle-Income Countries. This stream of work links in with all the knowledge I have obtained from my degree in Global Health and Social Medicine, which I am very grateful for. Additionally, I will be supporting a three-day workshop that will be held in March 2019 for tobacco control researchers from around the world.

All in all, after graduating in the summer of 2018 it has definitely taught me to stay positive and never give up, even after rejection!

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