November 30th 6:15 pm: an event hosted by KCL Global Health Society on ‘The History of Eugenics – From Then Till Now’ with Giulia Cavaliere

When: Thursday November 30th, from 6:15 to 8 pm

Where: Function Room HRB, Henriette Raphael Building, King’s College London Guy’s Campus

Eugenics has become somewhat of a dirty word due to its close ties with the Nazism in the 20th century. However how has this movement affected the lives of others throughout time? Inspired by Disability History Month, which takes place from 22nd November – 22nd December, the KCL Global Health Society have invited one of our department’s own PhD students, Giulia Cavaliere, to delve into this topic.

We hope to not only unearth this dark history of medicine and the capacity it had to intervene on disabled people’s lives but likewise to explore the bioethical issues of contemporary reproductive technologies. If you are looking for a truly interdisciplinary event, weaving between bioethics, history, science and philosophy, then add this date to your calendar!

About the speaker:


Giulia Cavaliere

Giulia Cavaliere is currently carrying out a Wellcome Trust sponsored project titled “Preimplantation genetic diagnosis and eugenics: a social moral epistemology approach” here at King’s and holds an MSc in Bioethics AND an MA in Philosophy, Ethics and Politics, all on top of her BA in Philosophy. She is looking forward to there being tons of time for discussion after her talk so come prepared to get involved and ask questions!


The event is free but you need to register. Tickets are available here:

If you want to know more about Giulia’s research and publications click here.

You can also follow Giulia on twitter: @giuli_cavaliere

About KCL Global Health Society:

In the Autumn of 2015, a handful of students from the new undergraduate course in Global Health and Social Medicine put their heads together and came up with the idea of society built around ideas from their course. Convinced that health was more than a medical matter, they imagined a society in which students from schools across King’s could come together, at thought-provoking events and with fantastic networking opportunities, to begin a discourse built on their collective experience and expertise. Their dream was, and is, that every student at King’s might understand that they have a role to play in building a healthier world – and have a chance to get involved in just that!

The society exists to raise awareness of the concept, goals and initiatives of Global Health, and to encourage an interdisciplinary approach to building a healthier world. We seek to facilitate a broad and accessible discussion between students and academic professionals from areas such as medicine, social science, geography and anthropology, spanning a huge range of subjects such as gender, ecology, security, mental health, bioethics, biopolitics and globalisation. To achieve this, KCLGHS hosts a number of events throughout the year.

To know more about the KCLGHS events, or if you are interested in joining, click here.

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