Today! Monday October 16th 5 pm at Guy’s Campus: Jennifer Doudna UC Berkeley speaks about CRISPR, “Nature’s toolkit for genome editing”

When: Monday October 16th, 5:15 pm

Where: Lecture Theatre 1, New Hunt’s House, Guy’s Campus, SE1 1UL

Speaker: Jennifer Doudna, Professor and HHMI Investigator, UC Berkeley.

Hosts: Professor Franca Fraternali and Professor Michael Malim

22448358_1402653229833461_609859508318522539_n (1)Abstract: Gene editing with CRISPR technology is transforming biology.  Understanding the underlying chemical mechanisms of RNA-guided DNA and RNA cleavage provides a foundation for both conceptual advances and technology development. Professor Doudna will discuss how bacterial CRISPR adaptive immune systems inspire creation of powerful genome engineering tools, enabling advances in both fundamental biology and applications in medicine. Professor Doudna will also discuss the ethical challenges of some of these applications.

More info: This event is free to attend and all visitors are welcome!

Read more about Jennifer Doudna’s pioneering role in discovering CRISPR genome editing technology here, and here. If you want to read more about Doudna Lab’s work on CRISPR, click here.

Contact for this event:

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