“Industry 4.0, Technology and the Law” – Applications now open for Winter School in Pavia, January 15-19, 2018

When:  January 15-19, 2018

Where: University of Pavia, Italy

The School is organized by the Department of Law, the Interdepartmental Research Center at the European Center for Law, Science and New Technologies (ECLT), and the Collegio Ghislieri, in cooperation with the Centre for Health Technologies (CHT) at the University of Pavia (UNIPV).

Directors: Prof. Amedeo Santosuosso (ECLT), Dr. Barbara Bottalico (ECLT & CHT)
Scientific committee: Amedeo Santosuosso, Barbara Bottalico, Riccardo Bellazzi, Antonio Barili, Ferdinando Auricchio

Scope and Objective

The application of digital technology in industry and in the world of enterprise as a whole is changing the way economy and industry works, at an international level.

The Italian Ministry of Economic Development recently launched an Investment and Research Plan to facilitate the development of business in close collaboration with universities, with the aim of bringing more and more “intelligence” to the Italian industry.

The technical-economic potential of this evolution is enormous. The disciplines impacted by Industry 4.0 and Digital Manufacturing are diverse: Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Computer Science, Management, Taxation System, Economics, Cyber Security and, with a crucial cross-cutting role, Law

The school will address the following “hot” topics in the legal field:

  • Why large automation should discourage the shift of production to countries where labor costs are lower;
  • Why technological innovation should make tax evasion more difficult;
  • Civil and criminal liability in cases of damage caused by robots or other autonomous systems;
  • Big Data: risks and abuse, regulation, potential and concrete benefits;
  • Cyber security and industrial information protection;
  • Industry 4.0 and smart working: how the distribution of work for different professionals will change, what the budget will be after the first year of opening up to smart working contracts, how this new type of work will be different from “old” telework and how businesses are reorganizing in order to give more flexibility to their managers and employees;
  • Jobs and tasks: to what extent the Italian Jobs Act has made the definition of work tasks more flexible in terms of training opportunities for employees;
  • How the “Health&Safety” regulation interferes with the new relationship between man and robot in the industry;
  • IP law in the new conditions determined by the use of 3D printers;
  • Privacy: How does the new scenario relate to the protection of workers and individuals whose data is being treated by “smart” companies? This theme will be analyzed in light of the new European Regulation (GDPR), which has come into force in May 2018.

Why should I apply for the Industry 4.0, Technology and the Law Winter School?

A robust awareness and knowledge of legal technologies is an essential part of the repertoire for students in law and for legal professionals in general. Likewise, students from Economics, Engineering and other scientific faculties will have the opportunity to gain insights on how the legal environment is changing, as well as to explore new possibilities for technologies in an industrial context.

The course offers key tools for new professional profiles covering law and technology: lawyers, legal knowledge engineers, and interdisciplinary experts working in a company environment, among others.

For more info and applications: http://dsg.unipv.it/internazionalizzazione/winter-school/industry-4-0-technology-and-the-law-winter-school.html

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