New research project led by Professor Anthea Tinker (GHSM) and Professor Jenny Gallaher (KCL Dental Institute)


Professor Anthea Tinker (GHSM)

An exciting new research project has just started with the Principal Investigators from Global Health and Social Medicine (GHSM) and the Dental Institute.  Professor Jenny Gallagher, Dr. Tunmise Awojobi from the Dental Institute and Professor Anthea Tinker, GHSM have received funding from GlaxoSmithKline to research the views of older people about their dental health and explore innovative ways of answering them.

Jenny Gallagher150x239

Professor Jenny Gallagher (KCL Dental Institute)

A key feature of the research will be the involvement of students who will be the researchers; listening to what older adults want and finding inventive ways for the dental team to support and empower this important group in self-care and maintaining their oral health. This follows Anthea’s previous research working successfully with students from engineering, medicine and architecture and older adults in a similar manner.  It also links closely with Jenny’s work on co-production with local communities.

Stay tuned for updates on this project!

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