Congratulations to three new Drs in the GHSM house: Suzanne Snowden, Nicole Batsch and Valerie D’Astous!

Huge congratulations to Suzanne Snowden, Nicole Batsch and Valerie D’Astous from the Institute of Gerontology, Department of Global Health and Social Medicine for recently gaining their PhDs!

WP_20170711_002Suzie was supervised by Karen Glaser and Anthea Tinker, Nicole by Jill Manthorpe and Anthea Tinker and Val by Karen Glaser and Karen Lowton.

Dr Snowden’s PhD dissertation is titled “Assistive Technologies used by people with dementia and their carers for the performance of Activities of Daily Living at home and in care homes“. Suzie is currently working as an Evaluation Officer at the Alzheimer’s Society.

Dr Batsch’s dissertation was titled “Conceptualising empowerment from the perspectives of people with mild dementia“. Nicole is now working at the Global Brain Health Institute, with a title of Atlantic Fellow for Equity in Brain Health based at The Global Brain Health Institute at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland in partnership with University of California San Francisco and Consultant with Alzheimer’s Disease International.

Dr D’Astous’ research explored the support needs of adults with autism and the title of her thesis is:  “How and by whom are the current and anticipated future support needs of adults with autism spectrum disorder met? ” Dr D’Astous will be taking up a position as a research associated at Utah University.

Well done to all three – we are so proud of you!

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