Calling all Master’s and PhD students in Bioethics! Call for abstracts PGBC 2017, Oxford September 4-5th

Calling all Master’s and PhD students in Bioethics!

The deadline for registration and submission of abstracts for the 2017 Postgraduate Bioethics Conference has been extended to the 15th July 2017.

The 11th Postgraduate Bioethics Conference is hosted by The Ethox Centre, University of Oxford.  It will take place on 4-5th September 2017 in St Catherine’s College, Oxford.

The theme this year will be ‘Individuals and Populations’. Through this theme delegates and speakers will explore a  range  of  bioethics  questions  at  the  individual  level,  the  population level,  and  intersecting  issues. Although  traditionally  oriented  towards  the  individual,  bioethics  is  starting  to  recognise the   ethical   significance   of   the   population   in   the   context   of   globalisation, technological advances, and ‘big data’. Populations may be considered at the community, national or global level.

We welcome delegates from diverse disciplinary backgrounds (e.g. bioethics, law, social science, psychiatry, philosophy, and medicine). Delegates should be enrolled on graduate programmes at national or international educational institutions.

Graduate students at Masters or PhD level are eligible to attend. The conference is free – lunch, refreshments, a networking dinner on the evening of Day 1 and one night’s accommodation all provided. Delegates can also apply:

  • to give a long oral presentation (15 mins + 5 mins of questions), or
  • to give a short oral presentation (up to 5 mins including time for audience questions), and/or
  • for a travel bursary (up to £100 for national students or up to £200 for international students).

To find out how to registerapply to give a presentation, and apply for a bursary, please see:

To register

Please register online using the Google form found at


To apply to give a long or short oral presentation (submit an abstract)

To submit an abstract for either a long or short oral presentation, use the online abstract submission system found here. You will need to create a login to access this system. Abstracts should be in keeping with the Conference Theme (for more information about the Conference Theme, please see the Programme page.) Abstracts should fulfil certain broad criteria (see Criteria for abstracts).

Please note, abstracts received as attachments to emails will not be accepted.

Slots for giving a long oral presentation are limited and are allocated based on the results of the abstract review (reviews are blinded). If you do not obtain a long presentation slot, we will hope to offer you a short (5 minute) slot instead. You may also opt just to give a short (5 minute) oral presentation. These short slots are also limited but we will try to accommodate everyone who wants to present.

For any questions:


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