June 29th KCL Annual History of Medicine lecture with Professor Scott Podolsky “The Antibiotic Era: Reform, Resistance, and the Pursuit of a Rational Therapeutics”

When:  Thursday 29 June 2017, 5.30pm

Where: 8th floor Open Space, Department of History, King’s College London

We are delighted to announce the KCL Annual History of Medical Lecture with Professor Scott Podolsky, Professor of Global Health and Social Medicine, Harvard Medical School, titled The Antibiotic Era: Reform, Resistance, and the Pursuit of a Rational Therapeutics’.


1355119318Today, as we increasingly turn our attention to antibiotic resistance and the possibility of a post-antibiotic era, it is important to consider the historical evolution of attempts to implement the “rational” use of antibiotics.  In this talk, Scott Podolsky examines seven decades of reformers who have attempted to change how antibiotics are developed, marketed and prescribed. Tensions between antibiotic development and conservation, and between education and regulation, continue to play out today in medical offices, hospitals, industry, agricultural enterprises, and the halls of government alike.

More information http://www.kcl.ac.uk/artshums/depts/history/eventrecords/2017-18/2017-Annual-Lecture-in-the-History-of-Medicine.aspx

 All are welcome and there is no need to register!

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