Upcoming KCL-LSHTM Critical Global Health Seminar May 16th “War & Sweets: Moralising metaphors and Microbial myths in the Antibiotic era”

Please join us for our next KCL-LSHTM Critical Global Health Seminar onAntimicrobial Resistance, which will take place at LSHTM on Tuesday 16th May 2017, 4-5.30 pm, in the John Snow Lecture Theatre A, London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, Keppel Street, WC1E 7HT.

Dr Coll Hutchison, from the department of Global Health and Development at LSHTM will present “War & Sweets: Moralising metaphors and Microbial myths in the Antibiotic era”. Coll is an anthropologist, currently engaged with anthropology of microbes, part of which aims to explore the existential, political and disciplinary motivations of (global) health researchers’ work and action on antimicrobial resistance, so as to open up space for alternative strategies. Dr Nicolas Fortané from the French National Institute for Agricultural Research, currently visiting research fellow at KCL, will present “Public problem and scientific controversies: how French veterinary experts framed the AMR issue?”. Nicolas is a sociologist interested in animal health policies and the veterinary profession and is currently working on AMR policy and the use of antibiotics in livestock in France and the UK. His recent publications include: Cécile Adam, Christian Ducrot, Mathilde Paul, Nicolas Fortané, “Autonomy under contract: the case of traditional free-range poultry farmers”, Review of Agriculture, Food and Environment studies, 2017; Nicolas Fortané & Frédéric Keck, “How biosecurity reframes animal surveillance”, Revue d’Anthropologie des Connaissances, 9 (2), 2015, pp. A-L. Drs Hutchison and Fortané will be joined by Dr Clare Chandler, medical anthropologist and director of the LSHTM Antimicrobial Resistance Centre, as discussant.

The Critical Global Health Seminar Series

Jointly organised by King’s College London (KCL) and the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM), the Critical Global Health Seminar Series brings together critically-minded social scientists, public health experts and practitioners together to debate key areas of concern for global health today and reflect on how these should be approached and explored. The seminars are organised as a platform for social scientists working in the field to present and reflect on their current and planned research in discussion with the chair-discussant and the audience. More broadly, the aim of the series is to provide a forum to discuss emerging contradictions and frictions in global health research and policy as well as the challenges and opportunities these present to social scientific inquiry. Through open-ended and candid exchange on the experiences of working in the global health field, we seek to develop new avenues for critical thought in the social sciences and beyond.

For further information, please contact one of the organisers: Dr Clare Chandler (clare.chandler@lshtm.ac.uk), Dr Ann Kelly (ann.kelly@kcl.ac.uk), Dr Melissa Parker (melissa.parker@lshtm.ac.uk), Dr Clare Herrick (clare.herrick@kcl.ac.uk), Dr John Manton (john.manton@lshtm.ac.uk) and Dr David Reubi (david.reubi@kcl.ac.uk).

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