Upcoming UCL seminar May 3rd 4:30 pm by Dr Lara Marks: ‘History on-line: The case of monoclonal antibodies’


Dr Lara MArks

We are delighted to announce Dr Lara Marks’ upcoming seminar on May 3rd on ‘History on-line: The case of monoclonal antibodies’.

When: Wednesday May 3rd 4.30pm
Where: Darwin Building room B05, University College London
Dr Lara Marks’ talk will tell the untold story of monoclonal antibodies (Mabs) – microscopic molecules that have transformed the diagnosis and treatment of more than fifty major diseases over the past 40 years. Mab drugs now make up a third of all new medicines approved for market and account for six out of ten best-selling drugs worldwide. They have led the path in terms of improvements to the treatment of cancer and auto-immune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis, and are now being investigated as possible avenues for treating Alzheimer’s and depression. Despite their importance relatively few people understand what Mabs are, where they come from or the major revolution they have brought to healthcare. Her paper charts the history of Mabs and how they came to be adopted in medicine from their earliest development to the present day and looks at how this research lay the foundation for a new website allowing visitors to understand the complexities of transferring technological breakthroughs from the laboratory bench through to the clinic.
About the speaker
Dr Lara Marks, FRSB, is a historian of medicine and Honorary Research Associate, at UCL Department of Science and Technology Studies. Before moving to UCL she previously held affiliation with Social Science Health & Medicine at King’s College London.
Lara is the founder and managing editor of WhatIsBiotechnology, an educational website that tells the story of the people, places and technologies behind biotechnology and medicine. She has published numerous articles and books on a range of subjects. Internationally, she is most well known for her book Sexual Chemistry: A history of the contraceptive pill (Yale University Press, 2001, revised paperback 2010) and The Lock and Key” of Medicine: Monoclonal antibodies and their transformation of healthcare” (Yale University Press, 2015). She has just completed editing Engineering Health: Biotechnology and Medicine, a book commissioned by the Royal Society of Chemistry.
To contact Lara: l.marks@ucl.ac.uk
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