Join us on March 22nd for next seminar LSE ALPHA/KCL Global Ageing and Health Seminar “The scope for social investment in developing long-term care”

Please join us on Wednesday  March 22nd for our next seminar on “The scope for social investment in developing long-term care” with Dr Bernard Casey (London School of Economics / Warwick University).

When: 22th March 2017, 16:00 – 17:00

Where: King’s College London, Room S-3.18 at the basement of the Strand Building.

 Please note: Room S -3.18 is in the third basement: If you enter through the main doors of the Strand Building, please take the elevator or stairs down to Level -3.

 In late 2013, the European Commission launched its Social Investment Package (SIP).  This represented an attempt to kick-start the discussion about how to maintain and, indeed, expand social expenditure in a time of fiscal constraint. By emphasizing the role of social interventions as investments rather than consumption, the Commission was referring back to ideas articulated by the OECD in the mid-1990s in a publication, Beyond 2000: The New Social Policy Agenda, which emphasised the challenge of how to ensure that social expenditure enhanced social cohesion and active participation in society and the labour market. In its subsequent Communication on the modernisation of social protection systems the Commission introduced the concept of “Social protection as a productive factor” where it addressed the question of the overall costs and benefits of social protection systems – again with respect to their impact on social cohesion, political stability and economic progress. Much of the discussion of the contribution of social investment has focused upon early childhood interventions. Some has looked at what might be achieved by active labour market policies, and some at the potential of anti-poverty programmes.  However, the social investment concept is still relatively under-developed, under-conceptualised and under-researched. The proposer is the Principal Investigator in the EU Horizon2020 research programme under the acronym SPRINT (see that considers the application of the social investment concept to the provision of services for long-term care of the frail elderly.  Given the importance of population ageing to the south-east Asian countries, it is important to consider whether the ideas being developed in Europe have application there, too.  There are good reasons to think they do.  The social investment discussion covers questions of delivery and of financing. It looks at social and not merely fiscal costs and benefits, and pays attention to the contribution but also the real costs of informal care versus formal care. The presentation will provide an opportunity to exchange ideas and see what resonance the social investment paradigm has for non-European audiences.

Bernard Casey is an economist at the Warwick Institute for Employment Research and Principal Research Fellow at the London School of Economics. He works on the economic implications of societal ageing and has been concerned with employment in later life, work and health, transitions to retirement, employment-related social security and long-term care of the frail elderly. 

This event is free and open to all, registration is not required. For further information contact Cheryl Conner email:

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