New book by Barbara Prainsack and Alena Buyx: Solidarity in Biomedicine and Beyond

Barbara Prainsack (GHSM) and Alena Buyx (Kiel University, DE) just published their new book, Solidarity in Biomedicine and Beyond (codes for discounts are available here). The book is rooted insup-solidarity-title-page the work that they carried out for the Nuffield Council on Bioethics in 2011 but expands and revises it significantly; it includes new chapters on the normative value of solidarity, on solidarity in the social sciences and social theory, as well as three new case studies: personalised healthcare, database governance, and organ donation.

The book received advance praise from Barbara Koenig (Stanford) und Daniel Callahan (Hastings Center of Bioethics):

Solidarity In Biomedicine and Beyond effectively takes on and combines two complex issues of our times. How ought we best understand the idea of human solidarity in the face of cultural trends that separate and often badly divide us? And how best to bring that understanding to bear on the great challenges, for good or ill, of the rapid and consequential changes for health care of progress in genetics and other rapidly changing technologies? Prainsack and Buyx’ insights and careful analysis take us a long way down a winding modern road into the future.

Daniel Callahan, President Emeritus, The Hastings Center

At a challenging political moment, Barbara Prainsack and Alena Buyx offer an approach to bioethics based on an appeal to solidarity as a core guiding concept. Their account is both descriptive and prescriptive, grounded firmly in practice. Moving beyond an unproductive dichotomy between personal and common benefit, their book promises an alternative to the impoverished accounts of human connectedness informed only by the logic of the market. The authors reveal the limits of an exclusive, ritualistic focus on autonomy-based health policies, offering a productive way forward.

Barbara Koenig, Professor of Medical Anthropology & Bioethics, and Director, UCSF Bioethics


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I'm Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Vienna, and at the Department of Global Health & Social Medicine at King's College London. I tweet more than I blog. @BPrainsack
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