Bioethics & Society MA students participate in 3rd Institute of Medical Ethics Annual Conference

There was a numerous Bioethics & Society postgraduate delegation at the Institute of Medical Ethics  conference which took place in Edinburgh on June 18th, 2016.


Scotland style! in front of the Royal Scots club, IME Conference Venue

Current Bioethics & Society MA students Gemma McKenzie, Clare Heard, Rashi Jhunjhunwala, and Frances Butcher presented posters, while other students gave oral presentations. Rachel Siden presented her dissertation work on “The Failure of Oregon Senate Bill 442: The Power Structure of the American Anti-vaccination Movement and its Influence on State Vaccine Legislation”, while Dr Maru Mormina (part-time Bioethics & Society student and Senior Lecturer at the University of Winchester), presented her work on justice and solidarity in international genomics research.


Group picture at 2016 IME conference

Giulia Cavaliere, PhD student in Bioethics & Society, spoke about the ethical issues in the CRISPR genome editing technologies, while James Aluri, Bioethics & Society alumnus and medical student at John Hopkins University School of Medicine, gave a talk on “Seeing Ethics: An Overlooked, but Critical Part of Students Experiences with Ethics in the Context of Medical Practice”.

In the picture from left to right: Clare Heard, Frances Butcher, Rachel Siden, James Aluri, Dr Carwyn Hooper (Chair, Institute of Medical Ethisc), Dr Silvia Camporesi (Programme Director, Bioethics & Society), Rashi Jhunjhunwala, Gemma McKenzie and Giulia Cavaliere.

For more information about the Bioethics & Society programme (applications still open for entry September 2016) click here:

For more information about the Institute of Medical Ethics click here.

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