Just what the doctor ordered? Purchasing medical goods, protecting the workers who produce them

King’s College London event

Speaker:  Katherine Moloney, Acadia University, Canada.
Introduced by:  Angus Dawson, University of Sydney, Australia.

When: 2.30pm-4pm 10th June 2016.
Where: Room 4.63, Franklin-Wilkins Building, – 150 Stamford Street, King’s College London, London SE1 9NH
Register here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/just-what-the-doctor-ordered-purchasing-medical-goods-protecting-the-workers-who-produce-them-tickets-25741382167

When the doctor comes in wearing a crisp white lab coat, when the dentist snaps on the latex gloves or when the surgeon splits open the sterile procedure pack … do you ever wonder who made these medical goods – or, under what conditions?

Many of the goods used daily in our hospitals, clinics and aged care services are made using exploited adult and child labour. Goods as diverse as gloves and gauze, scalpels and staff uniforms are marred by labour rights abuses. This is a significant problem with global reach.

This seminar will take an honest look at the problem and, importantly, it will also consider what can and is being done to address it. You will hear about opportunities being embraced by public procurers in Europe. You will also hear of persistent obstacles being encountered as well as potential solutions from other sectors. And, interspersed throughout, you will hear from those throughout the medical goods supply chain voice their perspective on the way forward.

Katherine Moloney is completing a doctoral thesis on human rights due diligence in global medical goods supply chains at Acadia University, Canada. Her project seeks to adopt a multi-faceted approach of top-down engagement and bottom up empowerment. She chairs the Healthy Supply Chains Initiative for health supplies in Australia and is liaising with the International Labour Organization and the UN Initiative on Sustainable Procurement in the Health Sector.

Angus Dawson is Professor of Bioethics and Director of the Centre for Values, Ethics & the Law in Medicine at the University fo Sydney, Australia. He is the joint editor in chief of the journal Public Health Ethics and is one of the editors of the recently released open access international public health ethics case book: http://link.springer.com/book/10.1007%2F978-3-319-23847-0


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