SSHM Seminar with Prof Luis Duran April 13th 12 pm: “Social Justice in the Health Care System in Mexico”

We are delighted to announce  our upcoming SSHM Seminar Series event. Please save the date for Dr. Luis Duran (Director, Centre for Mexican Studies UNAM/King’s College London).

“Social Justice in the Health Care System in Mexico”

When: Wednesday 13th April from 12:00-13:30 

Where: Room K6.63, King’s Building, Strand Campus, King’s College London.

Dr_Luis_Duran_ArenasDr. Luis Durán received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM ) in 1981; a Master in Public Health (Health Services Administration) in 1986;  a Master in Arts (sociology) in 1987; and a Ph.D. in Health Services Organization and Policy, and Sociology, in May, 1996, all from the University of Michigan (USA). Dr. Durán has published 55 articles in peer reviewed journals, 33 book chapters; and he has edited twelve books. He has conducted and directed 21 research projects mainly in the areas of health care planning, health systems reform, quality of health care, health care services utilization and technology assessment. He has taught extensively in the area of health systems research in graduate programs in the last 20 years, covering the following areas: Comparative Health Systems and International Health; Sociology of Organization, Health Care System Research Methods, Health Systems Organization, Research Methodology in the Social Sciences, Health Care Technology Assessment and Health Care Economics.

Abstract: In this seminar I will present my reflections about the situation of health justice in Mexico. I will begin by outlining my approach, my world view, and the work I have developed over the last 10 years on universal health care and its attributes: access, quality and efficiency. In the second part, I will reflect on health care reform in Mexico; the policy and political process; and the expectations of the reform through the creation of the Popular Insurance initiative as a tool for distributive justice. I will aim to show both the structuration of a sound policy and the limitations of the distributive justice approach used to legitimize the health reform in Mexico. Finally, in the third section of the presentation, I will develop a dialogue with the theoretical proposal of the Health Capabilities developed by Sridhar Ventakapuram. I will concentrate in what I believe is necessary to translate this approach into public policy initiatives that may improve the health justice in Mexico. I will make the case that in middle-income countries the role of the health care system remains instrumental in the definition of health justice, even before we consider the effects of the social determinants of health. This final section represents the direction in which I will develop my future academic work, linking health justice with global health. 

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