Dr Carlo Caduff awarded the KCL Undergraduate Research Fellowship

Archival Research on the History of Cancer in India

Dr Carlo Caduff has been awarded a KCL Undergraduate Research Fellowship. The fellowship will enable an undergraduate student to participate in research activities and conduct archival work with Dr Caduff on the history of cancer in India. The research will be in the British Library. The selected Undergraduate Research Fellow will receive a £1000 stipend.

For SSHM undergraduate students who would like to apply for the fellowship, please submit your application here: http://www.kcl.ac.uk/campuslife/ke/ug-rfs/Student/Undergraduate-Apply.aspx

Or get in touch with Dr Caduff by email: carlo.caduff@kcl.ac.uk

Project summary
India has over one million new cancer patients every year. The International Agency for Research on Cancer has suggested that this number will double over the next 20 years. Facing a crisis that is rapidly emerging, experts have sounded a national alarm argu-ing that cancer has become one of the country’s greatest public health challenges. There is a tendency in scholarly debates to asso-ciate communicable diseases such as malaria with the global South and non-communicable diseases such as cancer with the global North. The proposed project reverses this perspective. It explores the history of cancer in India and foregrounds the challenges of addressing a non-communicable disease in the global South. To what extend has cancer always been present in India? How con-cerned have colonial officials been about cancer? What led to the launching of the Indian Cancer Program in 1975? The aim of this research project is to collect published and unpublished materials related to the history of cancer in India from the British Library. What kinds of materials are available? What can these materials tell us about the history of cancer in India? The focus will be on the 19th and 20th centuries.

Benefits to the Undergraduate Research Fellow
The research project will contribute to the training of an under-graduate research fellow in archival work as well as literature search. The project will provide the undergraduate research fellow with the necessary skills to accomplish complex and time-consuming research, learning how to identify, locate, summarize and interpret relevant documents for a larger research project. The undergraduate research fellow will work closely with the supervisor and will also be involved in the analysis of the research materials discovered in the British Library.

Key tasks
Archival work, Conducting qualitative data analysis, Investigations for future research work , Undertaking a literature search, Using a bibliographic database.

Expected outputs
This research will result in journal articles, conference papers and grant applications for a larger project on cancer care in India.


Earliest start date 02-June-16 Latest end date 30-Sept-16


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