Prof. Jean-Marie Robine – ‘The Revolution of Adult Longevity’ (16th of March)

The London School of Economics ALPHA research unit and the Institute of Gerontology and Department of Social science, Health and Medicine at King’s College London are very pleased to invite you to attend the first seminar of the new KCL/LSE ALPHA Global Ageing and Health Seminar series:

‘The Revolution of Adult Longevity’

Prof. Jean-Marie Robine
INSERM / Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes
Paris and Montpellier

The seminar will be take place at the London School of Economics on the 16th of March from 3.30pm to 4.30pm in the 32 Lincoln’s Inn Fields Building, room G.24. Further details of the seminar and speaker are included below and in the attachment.

Abstract: This seminar will discuss the current adult longevity revolution. The number of centenarians is doubling on average every ten years in developed countries, introducing a “fourth age group” and fundamentally changing the age distribution of OECD populations. What should we assume in our models for future life expectancy? Are there limits to growing older and if so where would they be? Jean-Marie Robine will discuss the consequences and the dynamics of the emergence of new age groups and how this will affect societies which have traditionally been organized in three age groups (young people, working age people and the elderly people). What does ageing well mean in this context? Policy makers and researchers need to consider that the ageing process differs between men and women, between socio-economic groups and by other individual characteristics. Another challenge is to find ways to ensure that longer lives are not increasingly spent in bad health and disability. The seminar will also explore what a society based on four age groups could look like.

Speaker: Prof Jean-Marie Robine is Research Professor at INSERM, the French National Institute of Health and Medical Research (, within the CERMES Research group in Paris and Unit 1198 in Montpellier where he heads the research team Biodemography of longevity and vitality. He is also a Professor at the advanced school Ecole pratique des hautes études ( in Paris. He is a leading demographer in the study of human longevity and the relationships between health and longevity. His research explores the impact that the increase in adult life durations may have on the health status of older populations. Prof. Robine has been instrumental in organising international efforts to study supercentenarians and he is founder of the International Database on Longevity. He currently hosts the largest European supercentenarian dataset. He is coordinator of the International Network on Health Expectancy (REVES), which brings together more than 100 researchers worldwide ( He has been Principal Investigator in many international collaborative projects on life expectancies and he has more than 200 publications in peer-reviewed journals.

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