Applications now open for 2016 Brocher Summer Academy Population-Level Bioethics June 20-24

The 2016 Brocher Summer Academy in Population-Level Bioethics is open for applications. This year’s session, on the ethics of randomized trials in development economics and health policy, will take place in the beautiful Brocher Villa on Lake Geneva in Switzerland, between 20-24 June 2016. We would be grateful to you for referring suitable candidates. The deadline for applications is March 11, 2016.
This Summer Academy brings together leading experts in ethics, economics and the health sciences to discuss an important ethical issue with immediate implications for assessing the impact of our interventions for economic development and health systems design. The rapid acceptance of randomized trials as a source of evidence in development economics and health policy has been accompanied by debates over their evidentiary value and, thus far less openly, their ethics. The ethical issues they raise have played a role – often unacknowledged – in decisions on whether and how they should be carried out. For example, Prof. Jeff Sachs replied to critics who faulted his “Millennium Villages” project for lacking controls that he had been advised that this would have been unethical. As randomized trials in development economics and health policy research increase in prominence, ethical questions should be sorted out, sooner rather than later—before ethical abuses, or unnecessary regulation, take hold.
Participants will have a unique opportunity to interact closely with our distinguished speakers, such as this year’s Nobel Prize winner in Economics Angus Deaton, Econometrics text book author Josh Angrist, President of the World Medical Association Michael Marmot, World Bank economist Adam Wagstaff, and leading philosophers including Nancy Cartwright. 
We would very much appreciate if this information were circulated to excellent potential participants, from related academic disciplines and areas of practice. Candidates from developing countries are especially welcome. Some leaders of population-level bioethics started their careers in previous sessions of the Summer Academy. Please be sure to email Anders Huitfeldt <> recommended candidates’ names: your endorsement will ensure that their applications receive close attention. If you yourself might be interested in taking part, please let us know, as we have in the past been able to accommodate a number of respected peers who are not themselves speakers on the program. 
More information is available on the Brocher Foundation’s website at Note in particular the deadline for applications: March 11, 2016.
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