Philosophy of Medicine Seminar Feb 11th with Dr Annette Rid: “In Defense of a Social Value Requirement for Clinical Research”

When: Thursday 11 February, 2016, 18:30-20:00

Where: Anatomy Lecture Theatre, Hodgkin Building, Guy’s Campus

Lecture: Dr Annette Rid, Department of Social Sciences, Health, and Medicine, KCL Title: In Defense of a Social Value Requirement for Clinical Researchplacebo

Comment: Benedict Rumbold, Department of Philosophy, UCL


Many commentators and guidelines endorse the view that clinical research should be permitted only when it is socially valuable, meaning that it collects data which can be used to improve health.  Despite this widespread endorsement and codification, there has been no systematic analysis of why social value is a necessary condition on acceptable clinical research, and a recent article even suggests it is not necessary. I evaluate the relevant ethical arguments and policy considerations and provide justification for the view that social value is an ethical requirement for the vast majority of clinical research trials, and should be mandated by guidelines and policies for clinical research.

For more details and how to get involved, see:

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