Second Medical London Excursion to Bethlem Museum of the Mind

This year’s second Medical London Excursion for SSHM students and staff took place on Bethlem Museum20th January 2016. We visited the Bethlem Museum of the Mind for a workshop on the role of ethics in mental care and a tour of the newly opened museum itself. Situated inside Bethlem Royal Hospital, the museum offers an unparalleled glimpse into the treatment of mental health in the UK, as well as the history of an institute that is (in)famous worldwide. The museum hosts an extensive collection of historic objects and art, many from the patients themselves. Below are some pictures taken by our students — special thanks to the staff at Bethlem Museum for their wimage[6]arm welcome and an interesting and inspiring day!

Umachandran, 2nd year PhD student at SSHM, says: I particularly like the picture of the inner entrance with the Melancholy and Mania statues that used to sit at the gates of the original hospital, the view out of one of the cells (that’s the slightly abstract round photimage[7]o with the eye hole) and the dress/straitjacket with the decorative frill… “

You can find more information on the Medical London Excursion here, or feel free to contact Robert Flanagan ( or Annette Rid ( if you have any questions.

SSHM Medical London Excursions are possible thanks to the generous support of the Faculty Teaching Innovation Fund.

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