New book out by Dr Federica Lucivero “Ethical Assessments of Emerging Technologies: Appraising the moral plausibility of technological visions”

We are delighted to announce the publication of Dr Federica Lucivero‘s new book titled Ethical Assessments of Emerging Technologies: Appraising the moral plausibility of technological visions  in Springer’s International Library of Ethics, Law and Technology series.

fede's bookAbout the book:

The book systematically addresses the issue of assessing the normative nature of visions of emerging technologies in an epistemologically robust way. In the context of democratic governance of emerging technologies, not only it is important to reflect on technologies’ moral significance, but also to address their emerging and future oriented character. The book proposes an original approach to deal with the issue of “plausible” ethical evaluation of new technologies. Taking its start from current debates about Technology Assessment, the proposed solution emerges as a combination of theoretical and methodological insights from the fields of Philosophy of Technology, Science and Technology Studies and a normative justification based on pragmatist ethics. The book’s main contribution is to engage a diverse and interdisciplinary audience (ethicists, philosophers, social scientists, technology assessment researchers and practitioners) in a reflection concerning the epistemological challenges that are associated to the endeavour of appraising the moral significance of emerging technologies in the attempt of democratically governing them. It brings together concepts and methodologies from different disciplines and shows their synergy in applying them to two specific case studies of emerging biomedical technologies.

Click here for the book Flyer.

About Federica:

federicaDr Federica Lucivero is currently employed as a Marie Curie Fellow at the Social Science Health and Medicine Department, King’s College London. Federica’s research interests are located at the crossroad of philosophy and ethics of emerging technologies and science and technology studies. She has been exploring theoretical and methodological questions concerning governance of innovation in the biomedical field (bionic technologies, specifically brain computer interfaces, molecular diagnostics, and recently e-healthcare and robots). In her studies, Federica combines theoretical and methodological analysis with empirical studies. Her current research investigates the ethical and social aspects of digital and mobile health, with a particular focus on the way portability of healthcare redefines normative boundaries in medicine and beyond.

To view Federica’s publications click here. You can find more information about the book here:

You can contact Federica at: and follow her on twitter:


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