Notes from the classroom from Dr Filippa Lentzos, SSHM Dissertation Tutor


I caught this picture of the new postgrad cohort getting ready for their dissertation adventure, and for me it captures everything that is good about teaching in SSHM: The dedication and connection across cohorts, with a student from last year coming back to the department to passionately present her perspective and experiences of the process to the class, passing on lessons learned from the field and her enthusiasm about research. The spectacular diversity and cultural richness of our students, with the mother and her two kids on laptops and headphones in the back of the room, the hearing impaired student with her live transcription feed, the 3+1 ESRC funded student, the self-funded student, the mature student, the multiple nationalities – all here, together, because they want to learn. It is a privilege to teach them, and to be part of their journey to becoming critical and independent learners and researchers.

This post was written by Dr Filippa Lentzos, SSHM Dissertation Tutor.

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