KCL/UCL Bioethics Colloquium November 5th: Dr Annette Rid “The ethics of conducting research during an epidemic: lessons from Ebola”

We look forward to the next session of the KCL/UCL Joint Bioethics Colloquium on Thursday November 5th, 2015 at 4 pm.

Annette Rid (KCL): “The ethics of conducting research during an epidemic: lessons from Ebola”

Where:KCL Strand Campus, Somerset House East Wing, SW1.17  (School of Law)

Forthcoming Talks: 

3 December 2015 – Jill Craigie (KCL): “Problems of control: How should we think about the impact of alcohol dependence on personal and criminal responsibility?”

4 February 2016– Bronwyn Parry (KCL), “Ethics in cultural context: Situating surrogate labour as an exploitative practice”

This will be followed by “A Good Death”. Moot Court, Somerset House East Wing, KCLThe photographer Edo Zollo is running a project to photograph and interview members of the public who have been personally involved with the issue of assisted dying. At this event, the photographer will present some of the images and interviews with the subjects, and Prof Penney Lewis willchair a panel discussion with him, some of the photographic subjects, and other academics working on assisted dying.

3 March 2016– Albert Weale (UCL), “Doctors on Assisted Dying: The Dialectics of Debate”

For inquiries about the series contact Dr Annette Rid: annette.rid@kcl.ac.uk

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