New article out by Dr Orkideh Behrouzan “Negotiating health and life: Syrian refugees and the politics of access in Lebanon”

Negotiating health and life: Syrian refugees and the politics of access in Lebanon, is the new policy-oriented article that Dr Orkideh Behrouzan has co-authored with Sarah E. Parkinson (University of Minnesota) in Social Science and Medicine.  Based on ethnographic evidence from Syrian refugees’ pursuit of healthcare in Lebanon, the authors foreground the complexities of everyday refugee life in shaping people’s strategies of access. They demonstrate how, for example, humanitarian bureaucracy interacts with local factors to disincentivize healthcare access. Highlighting the ways in which Palestinian refugees’ situated knowledge provides social support for refugee communities, they advocate for the incorporation of situated forms of knowledge into humanitarian healthcare practices. Both practice and policy, they argue, require the development of an understanding of healthcare access as nested in the larger experience of everyday refugee life.

During Autumn Semester 2015, Orkideh is on research leave as a fellow of the American Council for Learned Societies (ACLS) and visiting fellow at the Center for International Studies at MIT.

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