Dr Annette Rid speaking at New York Academy of Sciences on “Compassionate Use During a Public Health Crisis: Lessons Learned From The Ebola Epidemic”

On 28 October 2015, Annette Rid will be a panelist at the New York Academy of Sciences to discuss “Compassionate Use During a Public Health Crisis: Lessons Learned From The Ebola Epidemic “. The panel is part of a 2-day colloquium on “PRE-APPROVAL ACCESS: Can Compassion, Business, and Medicine Coexist?” hosted by the Academy and the New York University School of Medicine.

CompassionateUseSocialImage-FinalPatients who have a serious or life threatening condition for which no satisfactory alternative therapy exists and who cannot enter a clinical trial may, under certain circumstances, gain access to new investigational medicines through what is known as “pre-approval access” or “compassionate use.” The prospective benefits of non-
regulatory approved medicines may outweigh the potential risks for many critically ill patients. However, a number of ethical and safety concerns have been raised related to ensuring that unapproved treatments are equitably distributed via systematic approaches, that society as a whole is best served through scientific studies on the risks and benefits of new medicines, and that individual patients are protected from undue harm. International stakeholders — including representatives of patient-advocacy organizations, regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical companies, foundations, NGOs, and government — will come together to explore the ethical, legal, and social challenges surrounding compassionate use.

For more informations see:  www.nyas.org/CompassionateUse.

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