What our students do after they graduate: Alex Meyer (MA Bioethics & Society)

Alex Meyer

Alex Meyer

Alexandria (Alex) Meyer was one of the students of the very first cohort of the MA in Bioethics & Society at King’s College London in 2014/15.

Alex received her undergraduate degree in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Psychology from Doane College in Nebraska.  She then went on to get her Master of Science in Medical Genetics from the University of Wisconsin.  After working in the Wisconsin public health system as their state genetics coordinator for 2 years, she spent 6 years in California as a clinical cancer genetic counsellor in San Francisco, then as a lab clinical liaison for Ambry Genetics.

After her MA, Alex returned to her Oncology Genetic Specialist role with Ambry Genetics, a private genetic diagnostics lab in Orange County, California.  Her job entails consulting with medical providers regarding genetic testing and serving as a liaison between ordering clinicians and the laboratory.  While at SSHM, Alex focused on bioethical issues in genetics and gained particular value and insight from the Genomics & Society course taught by Professor Barbara Prainsack, which led to a strong interest in applying bioethical concepts to the world of clinical genetics.

In the next few months, Alex intends to help develop an internal bioethics program within Ambry Genetics, which has long been a leader in translational research.  She is very excited about starting this venture, as the genetics world will always have plenty of bioethical issues to consider!

Hear Alex talk about her experience as a MA student: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lau_OmRhi_E

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