The Summer Issue of the SSHM Newsletter is out!

We are pleased to announce the publication of the Summer 2015 newsletter of the Department of Social Science, Health and Medicine (SSHM) at King’s College London.
Here are some highlights of the summer issue:

  • antibodiesWhat our students do after they graduate: featuring Rose Mortimer, Sam Murison and James Aluri
  • SSHM Alumna Angela Filipe receives Elsevier Outstanding PhD thesis prize and writes a “postcard” to SSHM
  • Dr Deborah Price Elected President of the British Society of Gerontology
  • Dr Silvia Camporesi receives KCL Teaching Excellence Award
  • Dr Mayumi Hayashi receives Royal Society of Arts Fellowship
  • Dr Lara Marks’ new book for Yale University Press “The Lock and Key of Medicine: Monoclonal Antibodies and the transformation of healthcare”
  • Outreach, Guest Appearances and Lectures, Publications, and much more!

The newsletter is available to read on our website:

Please enjoy reading and sharing, and contact the editors if you have any questions, ideas, or comments: @SSHMatKCL

Many thanks to our fabulous  SSHM Newsletter Editors Tara Mahfoud, Sebastian Rojas Navarro and  Cameron Spence! 

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