Dr Debora Price named President-elect of the British Society of Gerontology

The Institute of Gerontology, SSHM, is delighted to announce that Dr Debora Price was named President-elect of the British Society of Gerontology on 2 July 2015 at the annual conference in Newcastle.

Members of the Institute presented a number of papers at the meeting.  Dr Price gave papers on money in later life, the politics of intergenerational conflict (with Dr Mayumi Hayashi) and the rhetoric of age wars.  Professor Anthea Tinker gave a paper (with Professor Jay Ginn) on housing for older people in Europe and Dr Laurie Corna presented new research on cross-national comparisons of later-life employment experiences.  Research on ‘unretirement’ from the WHERL project was also presented by Dr Loretta Platts.

Current PhD students Suzanne Snowden, Peter Simcock and Katharine Orellana presented findings from their doctoral research and a number of past students also presented including Dr Abi Subanadan, now a Senior Registrar.

The intercalated medical students, Sebastian Zaidman, Jack Lilly d’Cruz, Willian Tai Yee Seng and Labib Hussain spoke to a paper ‘Why should medical students study Social Gerontology’.

Many other former members of staff and students ensured that King’s was well represented.


About Laurie Corna

Lecturer in the Sociology of Ageing, King's College London
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