What our students do when they graduate Part 3: Rose Mortimer – MA Bioethics & Society

Rose Mortimer, currently a Master’s student in Bioethics and Society, will begin a PhD in October, at Oxford university.

The PhD is part of a Wellcome Trust funded project, focussing on the ethical implications of early intervention programmes in child psychiatry. Rose will be working with Professor Ilina Singh and Professor Michael Parker, and  will be cross-appointed between the Department for Neuroscience and Psychiatry, and the ETHOX centre for bioethics.

Rose says: “I have greatly enjoyed studying bioethics this year, and I feel that I’ve gained a lot of knowledge and skills which together enabled me to be successful in my application to Oxford. During my PhD interview, I was asked to discuss issues such as the connection between normative and empirical research in ethics, and in answering I drew from discussions we had had in class, referencing some papers that had been on our reading list this year. Overall, my experience at King’s has definitely prepared me well for what I hope will be a future career in Bioethics!

The Department congratulates Rose on this achievement.

For information about the MA in Bioethics & Society please contact Dr Silvia Camporesi: silvia.1.camporesi@kcl.ac.uk

Applications for 2015/16 are open.

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