Save the date for Professor John Abraham’s inaugural lecture “The battle for progress: How should pharmaceuticals be controlled?”

You are warmly invited to attend the inaugural lecture of Professor John Abraham on Wednesday 24 June at 18.30, in the Great Hall, Strand Campus.

john abraham inauguralThe lecture, ‘The battle for progress: How should pharmaceuticals be controlled?’, is part of the Faculty of Social Science & Public Policy’s Inaugural Lecture Series, and will examine how pharmaceuticals are developed, tested and regulated, and the effect of these processes on public health.

Abstract:   Pharmaceuticals are frequently an important part of treatment and intervention to maintain or improve health. This lecture examines how pharmaceuticals are developed, tested and regulated, together with the implications of these for public health. Pharmaceuticals are typically developed by the multi-billion pound pharmaceutical industry and represent a very substantial part of the expenditure of health-care systems. Crucial governance challenges are whether the political systems in place for controlling pharmaceuticals are sufficient to promote adequate and improving standards of drug safety, to nurture innovations that provide significant therapeutic advance for patients, and to contribute to cost-effective health interventions. The lecture  considers how well those political systems have fared in these objectives and whether they are evolving in the right direction by reference to a number of controversial dimensions, such as the nature of the university-government-industry nexus in research, including intellectual property rights; the medical-industrial complex; the role of patient organizations in shaping drug regulation; trajectories of regulatory decision-making and standards in regulatory science; and the independence and public accountability of government regulatory agencies. Finally, a political framework to advance progress and minimize misadventures in pharmaceutical regulation for public health is sketched.

The lecture will be followed by a wine reception at Chapters. Tickets are free, but you must book your place. We hope to see you there.

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