Health and Wellbeing through Occupation: International Conference – 3 – 4 September 2015

When: 3-4 September, 2015

Where: Bournemouth University

This conference provides the perfect opportunity for those interested in occupational science to come together to celebrate occupation, debate the theoretical underpinning of occupational science from a multi-disciplinary perspective, consider the role of occupation in health and wellbeing and discuss the implications of occupational science in health and social care practice. Key-note speakers: Professor Clare Hocking is Executive Editor of the Journal of Occupational Science and visiting from Auckland University of Technology . Clare’s teaching areas are Occupational Science and Specialist Readings and her current research includes:CH image

  •  Strategies used by people with health conditions to manage participation in everyday occupations at home and in the community
  •  Occupational justice
  •  Occupational perspective of health

Professor Gail Mountain is Professor of HealthServices Research (assisted living research)Gail-M-jpeg within the Rehabilitation and Assistive Technologies Group and member of the CLAHRC YH Telehealth and Care Technologies (TaCT) theme and Frail and Elderly theme. She also has an honorary chair in Occupational Therapy research at Sheffield Hallam University, is Research Associate in the Lab4living design and health collaboration ( and is also visiting Professor at the University of Ulster. Professor Judith Okely is an Emeritus Professor of AnthJO imageropology at Oxford where her research interests include Gypsies/Travellers. She  mentored anthropologists visiting Oxford with research on Roma and taught the Roma course at the CEU, Budapest. Current research interests include anthropologists’ field methods. Her forthcoming Anthropological Practice draws on extended dialogues with 20 anthropologists (of 16 nationalities), having done individual fieldwork around the globe. Her recent publications also include gender issues. sridharDr Sridhar Venkatapuram is a lecturer in global health and philosophy and Director of the MSc in Global Health & Social Justice at King’s College London.  Sridar’s research and expertise is in global/public health, human rights, ethics and philosophy.  At Harvard, he worked with the late Arjun Sengupta, UN Independent Expert on the Right to Development, in conceptualizing its philosophical and ethical framework and was the first researcher at Human Rights Watch to specifically focus on health as a human rights concern. For details of presentations click here. To register click here.

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