CMP Conversation with Dr Sarah Hodges on May 13th: “Biotrash: Medical Garbage and the Problem of Containment”

We are delighted to announce the next CMP Conversation  with Dr Sarah Hodges, Associate Professor, Department of History, University of Warwick.

When: Wednesday, 13 May, 3-4pm.

Where: Room 3.1.1, 3rd floor, East Wing, SSHM.

Dr Sarah Hodges

Dr Sarah Hodges

We are discussing Sarah’s draft introduction of her forthcoming book about the waste economies of medical garbage in Chennai, India, titled: ‘Biotrash: Medical Garbage and the Problem of Containment. 

Sarah works on the politics of health in colonial and postcolonial India. Her interests lie at the intersection of a number of fields: modern South Asian history, cultural studies, urban history, and the history of science, technology and medicine.

For a list of Sarah’s publications see here: 


Over the course of the twentieth century medicine cleaned up. In large part, and particularly during the last quarter of the century, everyday medicine got cleaner by embracing a new hygienic logic of plastic disposability. The upshot of this is that as medicine cleaned up, it created heaps of medical garbage. What is less clear is where all this garbage has gone. This book tracks the everyday journeys of medical garbage across the south Indian health care hub of Chennai. By mapping the movement of used, discarded medical garbage, this book uncovers a set of surprising relations of forces that carry garbage out of the hospital and, more often than not, across our thresholds.

If you would like to attend, please send  a message to Dr Carlo Caduff ( who will send you the draft of the chapter.

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