Call for Proposals for AAA 2015 Panel on Power and Knowledge in Global Health

This panel explores the relationships of knowledge and expertise that undergird today’s global health-from the practices involved in creating policy agendas in international organizations to the daily work of project implementation and evaluation, and the navigations of those who are meant to be ‘targets’ or ‘partners’ of such programs. It asks: what kinds of expertise are made to count as relevant in what spaces and how? How do experiential, embodied, clinical, legal, epidemiological, and economic knowledge, among others, interact in the varied sites of global health? How were these bodies of knowledge assembled and what are their genealogies? In doing so, the panel teases out the ways in which relationships of knowledge are both based in and construct visions of people, places, problems and remedies. It considers the entanglements between expertise and these constructions, investigating the processes and productions of global health-including policy, people, places and relationships.

Please send paper abstracts to David Reubi ( and Alexis Walker ( no later than April 5, 2015.

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