March 10th: Ethics in Medicine & Sport Seminar Series – Dr Emily Ryall on ‘Why our fears about genetic technology in sport are unfounded’

When: Tuesday, 10 March, 5.30-7.00 pm

Where: Old Committee Room (K2.30), Strand Campus.

Dr Emily Ryall

Dr Emily Ryall

We are delighted to announce that  Dr Emily Ryall, Senior Lecturer in the Philosophy of Sport at the University of Gloucester and Chair, British Philosophy of Sport Association, will be presenting on “Mutants, monsters and mistaken metaphors: why our fears about genetic technology in sport are unfounded”.



My research in this area focuses upon the way in which the pictures presented by the media about genetic technology create misleading perceptions and fears. My previous original analysis of newspaper articles about genetic technology in sport suggested that three themes emerged from the language that is used to describe and explain genetic technology and its application to sport. These can be categorised as: threats to individual identity, the creation of gods and monsters, and the emergence of fearful scenarios. What I intend to do in this paper is to outline the conclusions drawn from my earlier research (Ryall, 2008) but also highlight how the way in which misleading pictures presented by the media regarding genetic technology aids traditionally conservative governing bodies and sporting authorities in their policy decisions on this issue.

Selected publications:

Ryall, E., Russell, W. and MacLean, M. (2013) Philosophy of Play London: Routledge

Ryall, E. (2012) ‘Are there any good arguments against goal-line technology?’ Sport, Ethics and Philosophy 6 (4): 439-450

Caddick, N. and Ryall, E. (2012) ‘The Social Construction of Mental Toughness’ Journal of the Philosophy of Sport 39:137-154

Ryall, E. (2012) ‘Banned on the Run’ The Philosophers’ Magazine 58: 90-94.

Ryall, E. and Olivier, S. (2010) ‘Ethical Issues in Coaching Dangerous Sports’ in Ethics of Sports Coaching (Eds.) A. Hardman, Jones, C.. London: Routledg

Ryall, E. (2008) ‘The language of genetic technology: Metaphor and media representation’, Continuum, 22:3, 363 – 373.

If you want to know more about Emily’s research, please visit her personal website.

You can also follow Emily on twitter: @emilyryall

Contacts for the event: Dr John William Devine or Dr Silvia Camporesi

All welcome to attend!

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