Second SSHM Medical London Excursion to Freud Museum, February 25, 2015

We are delighted to announce the 2nd SSHM London Medical Excursion on February 25th. 

Print of Sigmund Freud by Ferdinand Schmutzer, 1926

Print of Sigmund Freud by Ferdinand Schmutzer, 1926

This time we will be heading to the Freud Museum at 20 Maresfield Gardens, the house that Sigmund Freud and his family fled to from Austria following the Nazi annexation in 1938. It remained the Freud family home until Anna Freud died in 1982, and the expansive library and antiquities collection are now open to the public. The centrepiece of the museum is Freud’s study, complete with the iconic ‘psychoanalyst’s couch’, preserved just as it was in his lifetime.

There will be a brief introductory talk and an opportunity to take in the museum, followed by a discussion lead by the museum’s curator on Freud’s legacy as a pioneer of psychoanalysis. Afterwards, those who aren’t struggling to rationalise between their id and super-ego are invited to a nearby pub.

All museum entry fees and transport costs are generously being covered by the KCL faculty of Social Science and Public Policy. The excursion is open to all SSHM PGT Students.

If you have any questions please consult the flyer or feel free to get in touch with Rob Flanagan ( or  Dr Annette Rid​ ( Places can be booked via the Eventbrite link below:

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