Next meetings BESJ Reading Group “The mismeasure of man”

Please note the following changes to the meetings of the BESJ Reading Group:

We are rescheduling the BESJ Reading Group on Stephen Jay Gould‘s “The mismeasure of man” to Friday Janiary 30th, and to February 6th, at 430 pm (please note not 4 pm as previously advertised) in room 3.1.1, East Wing, King’s Building.

Stephen Jay Gould

Stephen Jay Gould

On Friday, January 30th we are going to discuss chapters 2 and 3 (“American polygeny and craniometry before Darwin”, and “Measuring Heads: Paul Broca and the Heyday of Craniometry”)

On Friday, February 6th we are going to discuss chapters 4 and 5 (“Measuring Bodies: Two Case Studies on the Apishness of Undesirables” and “The Hereditarian Theory of IQ: an American Invention”)

The discussion of Cordelia’s Fine “Delusions of gender” is being rescheduled to a date tbc after reading week.

If you are interested in attending email Dr Silvia Camporesi:

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