Biomedicine in Society student-conference Dec 12, 2014: Suffering, Identity and risk

We are delighted to announce the Medicine Science & Society end-of-term student conference (and post-conference reception).

The conference will be running in the Old Committee Room on December 12, from 14:00-18:30, with a reception from 18:30 onwards. The event is almost entirely being run by students.

This year, the students have  decided to bring in  as keynote speaker—Caitjan Gainty, who is a KCL Lecturer in the History of Science, Technology and Medicine . Gainty will be kicking off the event from 14:00-14:45.  Her abstract below.

Click here to access the programme of the conference.

Key-note lecture by Dr Caitjan Gainty:In Search of Flow: Streamlining, Visual Culture and American Obstetrics in the 1930s.

 In the United States in the 1930s, a new way of being born emerged. Drawing on the contemporary streamlining design trend, itself an aestheticization of the engineers’ charge to attend to the aerodynamicity and thus efficiency of planes, trains and automobiles, the “streamlined birth,” as it was called, encapsulated in medical form the great power of the streamlined aesthetic.

This paper investigates the power of the streamlined birth, by exploring the significance of streamlining in the United States more generally in this period and then following this engineering charge cum design trend through medicine, via a study of the work of the obstetrician-filmmaker Joseph B DeLee in particular. It examines the ways in which streamlining emerged as a medical technology that newly defined obstetrical effectiveness as a product of visual culture and reflects also on the more general significance of aesthetics as essential to American medicine in this period.

Please email Dr Scott Vrecko if you’d like to attend this conference:

Please also note it is SSHM Christmas Jumper Day on December 12th!

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