Biomedicine, Ethics and Social Justice Research Group launches Bioethics Reading Group

The Biomedicine, Ethics & Social Justice Research Group at SSHM has recently launched a ‘Bioethics Reading Group’ . We will convene biweekly to discuss informally chapters from a book that we decide together.

humanityThe  Bioethics reading group is reconvening on Friday November 14th at 4 pm, room 3.1.1 East Wing, King’s Building. We will be discussing Part I and II (pp 1-113) of ‘Humanity​‘ by Jonathan Glover.

Please note that Professor Jonathan Glover will give a seminar at SSHM on January 14th, 2015.

All are welcome to attend! The group convenor is Dr Silvia Camporesi, Lecturer in Bioethics & Society. For any questions email Silvia at

To read more about the BESJ Reading Group and its other initiatives, including the Bioethics film screening, click here.

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