Upcoming workshop – Beyond “Trauma”: Emergent Agendas in Understanding Mental Health in the Middle East

When: September 27, 2014

Where: Goodenough College, London WC1N2AN

Beyond TraumaThis Wellcome Trust supported interdisciplinary workshop is an attempt to carve out a space for a critical approach to mental well-being in the region. It raises questions about what is at stake, culturally, historically and politically, when mental health becomes an area of inquiry and intervention. Specifically the workshop aspires to bring together viewpoints that challenge dominant global health paradigms characterized by an individual-centred emphasis and by trauma/PTSD focused approaches. The current condition in the region calls for immediate attention to the ways we have thus far understood and approached issues related to mental health and relevant policy, both in the Middle East and globally.

The longer term collaborative project engages practitioners and scholars with diverse disciplinary and regional expertise. It will be an intervention into debates on mental health, both generally, and vis-à-vis ongoing conflict in the increasingly misunderstood and misrepresented Middle Eastern region. The project aims to create an avenue for drawing on comparative cultural and professional perspectives on mental health as a clinical, political and socio-historical entity.

For more information and programme please visit: http://beyondtraumaproject.wordpress.com/

Please note that registration is limited: if interested in attending this workshop please contact Dr Orkideh Behouzan at orkideh.behrouzan@kcl.ac.uk

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