Going on at King’s on July 10, 2014: Workshop ‘Neuro-Social Innovation: Conditions and Impact’

The Neuroscience and Society Network (NSN) at the Department of Social Science, Health and Medicine, King’s College London (KCL) is organising an interdisciplinary workshop on ‘Neuro-Social Innovation: Conditions and Impact’ on July 10, 2014 between 12:00 and 17:00 in Room 1.71 of the Franklin-Wilkins Building on the Waterloo Campus.

The workshop will bring together junior and senior researchers from across KCL Schools and Departments and will include plenary sessions and breakout groups. The plenary sessions will include provocations from high-profile speakers – such as Professor Nikolas Rose from KCL, Professor Terrie Moffitt from Duke University, and Jonathan Rowson, Director of the Social Brain Research Centre at the Royal Society of Arts​ – each with a unique perspective on the future of neuro-social innovation, the value of creating it, and the challenge of translating it into practice.

The provocations will be used to stimulate discussion in three break-out sessions, which will explore the following questions related to the underlying aims of the NSN:

What could neuro-social science of the future look like?

How can neuro-social science have impact?

What knowledge, skills and training do researchers need to become neuro-social innovators?

Please find a programme and description of the event here.

To register, please contact Tara Mahfoud: tara.mahfoudATkcl.ac.uk

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