Prof Wayne Hall on “Drug-induced Compulsive Disorders: Clinical, Ethical and Legal Challenges”

We have the great pleasure to invite you to our upcoming SSHM Seminar Series! Prof Wayne Hall (University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research, University of Queensland, Australia and Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research) who is internationally renowned for his scholarship on addiction neuroethics, will present his latest work on “Drug-induced Compulsive Disorders: Clinical, Ethical and Legal Challenges”.


In this paper we discuss some of the clinical, ethical and legal challenges raised by iatrogenic compulsive disorders that occur in persons with Parkinson’s Disease (PD) who have been treated with dopamine replacement therapy (DRT). Around one in five PD patients who have been prescribed DRT will develop what have been called Impulse Control Disorders (ICDs), such as pathological gambling and hypersexuality. We summarize the evidence that dopamine agonists play a causal role in these ICDs and then outline the significant challenges that these disorders raise for patients with PD and their clinicians. We also describe an Australian case in which a criminal court accepted evidence that DRT had induced hypersexuality in a man with PD and accepted this as mitigating factor when sentencing him after he was convicted of sexual offences. We also briefly describe the early findings from qualitative interviews that Adrian Carter and colleagues have conducted with 20 Parkinson’s patients about their experiences of ICDs induced by the DRT and their views on how much control they have over their behavior, how responsible they are for their actions, and how the behavior hasaffected their identities.

Prof Wayne Hall

Prof Wayne Hall

Prof Wayne Hall is a Professor and Director of the Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research at the University of Queensland and a Visiting Professor at the National Addiction Centre, King’s College London; the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine; and the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre, UNSW. He was formerly an NHMRC Australia Fellow in addiction neuroethics at the University of Queensland Centre for Clinical Research and the University of Queensland Brain Institute (2009-2014); Professor of Public Health Policy in the School of Population Health (2005-2009); Director of the Office of Public Policy and Ethics at the Institute for Molecular Bioscience (2001-2005) at the University of Queensland; and Director of the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre at UNSW (199402001). He has advised the World Health Organization on the health effects of cannabis use; the effectiveness of drug substitution treatment; the scientific quality of the Swiss heroin trials; the contribution of illicit drug use to the global burden of disease; and the ethical implications of genetic and neuroscience research on addition.

When10th June 2014 from 12.00-13.30

WhereRoom K.6.6.3 (King’s Building; Strand Campus; Take the lifts after the Great Hall to level 6, turn right out of the lifts and follow the corridor along, past K6.29 and through another set of doors and K6.63 is on your right.

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