Ethics of Experimental Medicine during a Pandemic, 6th and 7th June 2014

When:  6th and 7th June 2014

Where: Royal College of Physicians, London


Day one            6th June 2014

9am                   Registration and coffee

9.20am             Introduction by Professor Richard Barker OBE, CASMI

Part 1               Experimental medicine in past pandemics

Chair: Professor Jonathan Montgomery, Health Research Authority, Nuffield Council

9.30am            The role of science in a pandemic, Professor David L. Heymann MD CBE, Chair, Public Health England

10am                Drug discovery in a pandemic: an industry perspective, Dr Eddie Reilly, GSK

10.30am          Experiences from clinical trials in Swine Flu, Professor Andrew Pollard, Oxford Vaccine Group

11am                Facilitating Access to Medical Countermeasures (MCMs),  Dr Luciana Borio, M.D., Office of the Chief Scientist, FDA

11.30am          Exceptional circumstances and public health, Dr Keith MacDonald, MHRA

12pm                Regulatory barriers to international research in pandemics, Professor Alistair Nichol, International Severe Acute Respiratory and Emerging Infection Consortium

Part 2              Reviewing the Rules for Experimental Medicine 

Chair: Professor Richard Ashcroft, Queen Mary’s, London

1.30pm           Balancing therapeutic access to INDs against need for science, Dr Sarah JL Edwards, UCL

2.15pm           Ethics and study design, Professor Charles Weijer, UWO Canada

3pm                 Right to health and access to treatments in a pandemic, Dr George Letsas, UCL Laws

3.45pm           Public views of investigational treatments in a pandemic, Professor Sandra Quinn, Associate Director, Maryland Center for Health Equity

5pm                 Mitigating social tension in pandemic research, Professor Alex John London, Carnegie Mellon University, US

5.45pm           Global research coordination, Professor Mike Parker, ETHOX

6.30pm           Drinks reception

Day Two          7th June 2014

Part 3               WHO Technical Consultation “Research Ethics in International Epidemic Response

Chair: Professor Mike Parker, ETHOX

9am                 Are principles of GCP and Helsinki relevant? Professor Jonathan Montgomery, Health Research Authority, Nuffield Council

9.45am            Perspective of Health Research Authority, Dr Hugh Davies, Ethics Working Group

10.30am         MEETING REPORT on the 2009 WHO Technical Consultation “Research Ethics in International Epidemic Response”, Dr Abha Saxena, WHO

12pm               Commentary on the WHO Report, Professor Alex John London, Carnegie Mellon University, US

2pm                 Panel discussion

3.30pm           Towards a consensus statement

4pm                 Summary and next steps

4.30pm            Final remarks and close

Registration is free, but necessary. To attend one or both days of the conference, it is necessary to register on Eventbrite before 31st May 2014, as there are limited places available.

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