Short course on Data Management and Manipulation, 12-16 May 2014​


Aimed at social science and health researchers, professionals and practitioners who wish to develop their understanding and practical application of quantitative research methods. This programme is suitable for professionals from commercial sectors, health, policy and government sectors, including those who conduct, manage and commission research.​


Our course is unique in that it teaches you how to manage and manipulate data in complex hierarchically structured datasets, and prepare raw data for complex statistical analysis in the social sciences.

You will emerge with essential data handling skills that will enable you to conduct research from scratch when confronted with raw data that has not been prepared for analysis, and/or is organised in a suboptimal way.

You will learn how to link and restructure datasets, and create complex derived variables for analysis. If you commission and review research, you will emerge with a clear understanding of what is involved in large scale quantitative data analysis.

On successful completion of this course, students will:

• Be able to source large social science datasets and associated documentation

• Understand how complex social science large scale datasets are structured and the implications of this

• Be able to manipulate, recode and compute variables and understand how missing data can be dealt with

• Learn how to combine datasets, and aggregate and disaggregate data from different files in a relational database

• Learn complex computation of derived variables including do loops

• Have practical experience of the manipulation of complex datasets to answer questions of importance in the context of health and social research.


30 hours of lectures/labs (6 hours a day for 5 days, 12-16 May 2014). Each day 10am – 1pm and 2pm – 5pm. The class will start with a lecture, and then move to the lab.

To find out more and apply:


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