Dr Debora Price interviewed by Voice of Russia UK warns against media’s unsubstantiated fears of old age

Last week, an e-commerce company interested in the ‘mature market’ published some marketing research on the social pressures and concerns that people have about an ageing population.  The report captured the imagination of the media, and produced some now familiar dramatic and alarmist headlines in the Telegraph and the Daily Mail

Dr Debora Price

Dr Debora Price

Interviewed about these issues by Voice of Russia UKDr. Debora Price of the Institute of Gerontology in the Department of Social Science Health and Medicine argues that while ageing can bring its challenges we should be careful about these kinds of media constructions of growing older with a lot of population fears being unsubstantiated: we have much yet to do as a society to incorporate ‘normal ageing’ into our thinking and attribute value to the whole of our lives. 

Click here to listen to the interview or download the podcast.  

Dr Debora Price, formerly a barrister, is now Senior Lecturer in Social Policy at the Institute of Gerontology at King’s College London; her research focuses on how the welfare state structures family and gender relations, specialising in the study of pensions and the poverty of older people, household money over the life course, and the legal regulation of the financial consequences of family formation and dissolution. She also has an interest in survey methodology and data analysis, regularly undertaking consultancy work in this area. See Debora’s publications here.

Follow Debora on twitter: @gerontologyuk

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