Webinar on “Future medicine” in the Human Brain Project

The Danish Board of Technology Foundation would like to invite you as audience to a twofold webinar (web-based  seminar) with presentations of different perspectives on the federation of multi-level brain data and the use of it to develop novel understandings of brain diseases in the Human Brain Project (HBP).

human brain projectWhen: May 7th 2014

First theme: Multi-level brain data federation and protection (10 am – 12 pm (CET))


Caspar Bowden, independent privacy researcher, surveillance tech/law/policy and former Chief Privacy Adviser at Microsoft

Dirk Lanzerath, Head of Secretariat, European Network of Research Ethics Committees (EUREC)

Paul Quinn, Researcher, Group on Law, Science, Technology & Society, Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB)

Second theme: Development of ‘disease signatures’ and personalised medicine (1 pm – 3 pm (CET))


Gregor Wolbring, Associate Professor, University of Calgary, Faculty of Medicine, Dept. of Community Health Sciences, Stream Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

Emilio Mordini, Managing Director and President of the Centre for Science, Society and Citizenship, psychoanalyst and expert in social and ethical impact of security technologies

Prof Barbara Prainsack

Prof Barbara Prainsack

Barbara Prainsack, Professor, King’s College London, Department of Social Science, Health & Medicine

Doug Brown, Director Research and Development, Alzheimer’s Society

The speakers will highlight their perception of key challenges and questions of ethical and societal importance at stake. Their presentations will be followed by a short questioning by HBP researchers.

The webinar will be facilitated through the program Webex. You will receive practical instructions when you have registered for the webinar. Deadline for registration will be the 1st of May. To register to one or both themes at the twofold webinar please send an email to: id@tekno.dk

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