Feb 27th, Dr Mianna Meskus on “Biopolitics revisited at the cellular level”

 We have the pleasure to invite you to another SSHM Seminar Series event this month. Dr. Mianna Meskus, currently a visiting research fellow in our Department, will present on “Biopolitics revisited at the cellular level”. The seminar will take place on Thursday 27th February from 12:00-13:30 in room S3.05, King’s College Strand Campus .

Dr Mianna Meskus

Dr Mianna Meskus

This talk explores current ‘revolution(s)’ in stem cell   science. Successes made in reprogramming adult cells to become pluripotent stem cells have opened unforeseen possibilities for regenerative medicine. The context of the talk is the proposition that improvement and prolonging of life no longer works on the collective level of human populations, as Foucault suggested in his work on biopolitics, but on the level of molecules and cells. Drawing from fieldwork in stem cell research the talk asks, what kind of living biological material is contemporary biopolitics encountering and what kind of vitality are commercial aspirations targeted at. To answer these questions the presentation focuses on the curious behaviour of living cells, human conduct and misconduct, as well as technological disasters. 

Dr Mianna Meskus works as research fellow and PI at the Department of  Social Research, Unit of Sociology, at University of Helsinki. Her  ongoing projects study the derivation and use of human biological  materials in regenerative medicine. Her previous research was on the institutionalization of clinical genetics and prenatal testing technologies in Finland. She is the author of the book (translated title) ‘Science of life: A study on medical technology, parenthood and the government of heredity’ (Vastapaino, 2009). She has co-authored the book (translated title) ‘Moulded Life: Technoscience, Gender and Materiality’ (Vastapaino, 2014). Meskus acts currently as the editor-in-chief of the Finnish Journal of Gender Studies.

All are welcome to attend and there is no need to register. We hope to see many of you there!​​

Thursday 27th February, 12:00-13:30 room S3.05 King’s College Strand Campus 


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