February 14, Global Health Hack in the Department of Social Science, Health and Medicine

We are delighted to announce our first Global Health Hack as part of the module “Introduction to Global Health” on Friday, 14th February. The hackathon is an exciting new way of bringing students into the research world, allowing them to actively construct knowledge and new understandings. Our hackathon will focus on finding simple header-simpletechnological solutions to common global health problems. The goal will be to assist in closing the “know-do” gap in global health through innovative Knowledge Translation and Exchange (KTE) methods that could help policy- and decision-makers in integrating evidence-based approaches in their line of work. Undergraduate students will collaborate in interdisciplinary teams consisting of postgraduate students from different disciplines and professional digital experts to either redesign or tweak an existing product or invent a new one in order to improve KTE strategies in global health. The outputs of this exercise will be tangible, such as prototypes for mobile or web apps, infographics, and websites, and widely disseminated through a number of academic and media channels. Thereby students will gain invaluable research and technological experience, while also expanding their knowledge in global health.​”

Students are currently designing a blog. While it is still a bit under construction, it already has quite an impressive resource section. Take a look here!

For enquiries, contact Dr Hanna Kienzler: hanna.kienzlerATkcl.ac.uk

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