Niccolò Tempini our next speaker on January 21st for Work in Progress Seminar Series

The Work in Progress seminar series is starting again next Tuesday, January 21st, at 4 pm in D12 East Wing.

Niccolò Tempini, PhD candidate at LSE and SSHM affiliate, will be our next speaker, with a talk titled “The paradox of context flexibility: balancing user engagement and semantic context in distributed data collection”.

s200_niccol_.tempiniNiccolò Tempini is a PhD Candidate in Information Systems at the LSE, with a background in Philosophy. His research project focuses on data-based, distributed network organizations. Niccolò looks at the mechanisms through which these organizations generate information, and tries to trace broader social implications. Niccolò has spent 7 months at PatientsLikeMe for his observational case study, working as an R&D team member, and he is now presenting the first results of this research. 


PatientsLikeMe is company developing a social networking platform with the aim of collecting self-reported medical data that it then uses for scientific and commercial purposes. How does it manage to produce real-world medical evidence from the aggregation of data contributed by distributed patients on a voluntary basis? The organization needs to cater to the needs of a myriad of local contexts yet collect data in enough quantity and richness in order to be able to produce information. I present the evidence from an in-depth observational case study, showing how such enterprise requires a complex and continuous exercise of balancing between the conflicting demands of engagement, necessary for collecting data in scale, and semantic context, necessary for collecting data that are sufficiently expressive. The contribution of this theory derived from empirical findings is non-trivial, as it adds new insight to previous efforts researchers made for understanding how information stems from data that translate across contexts in variably standardized forms.

Please contact me to request the full manuscript before the WiP:

Hope to see many of you next Tuesday!

Tuesday January 21st

Room D12, East Wing @4 pm

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